Focus on Emerging, Reach Globe


Lucky Bus Limited is a publishing company founded by several experienced industrial specialists, including a producer, designers, programmers, artists, translators, operation specialists, business specialists, financial specialists and so on.

It provides the One Stop Service to its developer partners for their success in the emerging market like Africa, MENA, SA-Asia, India as well as in the global market.

Its One-Stop-Service includes:

• Localization

    Our in-house translators & artists will localize the languages and artworks of the games to appeal local players the most from the aspect of aesthetics, culture and customs.

• SDK Integration

    We have a programming team proficient in C/C++, C#, Unity, Cocos, client and server. We will handle the dozens of SDKs of channels’, ad., data analysis and etc. so that our developer partners will not be bothered by these trifles.

• Monetization Design & Optimization

    According to local players’ consumption habits, gameplay of the games, data analysis and etc., our monetization designers will optimize the monetization (premium, IAP, Ad) on an ongoing basis.

• Launching

    Based on the strategic partnership with our channel partners, we will launch the games on Transsion (No.1 Channel in Africa), Samsung, Huawei Globe, Oppo Globe, Vivo Globe, Xiaomi Globe, Café Bazzar (No. 1 Channel in MENA) and etc. to expend your frontier around the world.

• Operation

    Our operation team will work on data analysis, continuous optimization, campaign organization, community management, customer service and etc. to maximize the value of your games.